Thomas Atum O'Kane. Ph.D

has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and a Masters degree inspiritual Counselling. His major work is conducting the two year training in Spiritual Guidance from an interfaith perspective with insights from Jungian psychology. He also teaches a one-year program on the Soul of Christianity, which explores the mystical element of the tradition as an inner path. The above are offered in the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Canada and several locations in America. He also presents seminars on a broad range of themes that integrate psychological and spiritual dimensions with the intention of making the deepest teachings accessible and relevant.
Leading pelgrimages to sacred places such as Jerusalem and Assisi is a spiritual practice for him. His gift for the art of story telling is woven through all his presentations. Atum has served as a Secretary General and senior teacher in the Sufi order. He has trained at the Christian Guilt for Spiritual Guidance. Among his mentors Are Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and the Jewish mystic Zalman Schachter. Atum has co-taught with Zen Buddhist teachers in an interfaith dialog for over ten years. His four children have been wonderful heart-teachers.(see also website:

Drs. Cora Barakat Slieker

is founder and (retired) trainer of the Dutch Institute for Bio Release and Biodynamic Psychology, that goes back to the late seventies. Originally a graduate in romanistic studies and a French teacher for seven years, she changed direction and trained in biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy in which she found a path that suited her.
She met Atum in the early seventies in the Sufi Camp in Chamonix, both at the beginning of their long journey into sufism. She also studied seven years in the Diamond Heart School of A.H. Almaas, who stimulates a deepening in the connection between psychotherapy and spirituality. Now, a senior therapist, she stopped being involved very deeply in the Spiritual Guidance program, but she still offers regularly shorter programs in spiritual ageing . She has been leading many retreats in the Tunesian desert, but stopped that for now for safety reasons. Since 20 years she has been leading a monthly women-zikhr-group. By now she is pensionated and is happy to facilitate Atum;s work in Amsterdam